[NTLK] downloading packages from tek-ed?

From: simon <simski_at_dds.nl>
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 10:56:43 EDT

Hello all,

again a strange thing:

the nice site of http://newton.tek-ed.com has some strange things. if i
download directly to my newt with newtscape everything works great, but
if i try to do it to a desktop computer and use NCU my newton is
complaining that this is not a newton package. it seems that there is
something wrong with the mime settings somewhere. tek-ed uses
applixation/x-newton-compatible-pkg, unna uses
application/x-newton-package. i've tested it both with mac osx and os9
and set my mime settings the same for both mime types, but to no avail.

because i can't reach tek-ed (only very old email on his site) to ask
for some info, could someone try is as well for me? just to make shure
that my settings are okay.

and of course, if Tek-ed is listening, please contact us.

met vriendelijke groet
Simon Claessen
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