Re: [NTLK] downloading packages from tek-ed?

From: simon <>
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 17:34:01 EDT

On 7-mei-06, at 17:56, Wolfie wrote:

> Try looking for an application called PacType on UNNA, you'll need OS9
> for this!
> drag the package to PacType and it will convert it to normal package.

if it changes the type and creator of the packages, that is not the
problem. i have a filetyper script for that.
changing everything with the .pkg extention is set to pkg_ (_is a
space) and 1NCU. very simple.
i think my browser downloads them as text files, not as binary
packages. the strange thing is that it also happens on OS X. but then,
i only use ncu on my OS 9 wallstreet. so there could also be the
problem. i have'nt find out yet why escale is not working...

but is it working for you? did you try?

met vriendelijke groet
Simon Claessen
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