Re: [NTLK] Connecting a 2100 to modern iMac via serial cable

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Tue May 09 2006 - 21:19:50 EDT

I suspect that your problem is that once the drivers for the serial/
usb are installed in os x they are not available to classic, at least
this is the case for KeySpan.
Use Steven Frank's NewTen to install packages over serial. Works in
see <>
No offense but have a look at the newbie section of wikiwikinewt for
additional connection info
see <>
Set your Newt up to use appletalk over ethernet and you will be able
to use NCU in Classic.

See Frank Gruendel's site
<> or
Ed Kummel's package downloader

Once you have these installed you will be able to use Escale via tcp/
ip and some features of NewtSync seem reliable, check recent archives.

Welcome back and good luck


On May 9, 2006, at 6:12 PM, Mike Richards wrote:

> Hi,

> I have a Newton 2100 complete with its original Apple serial cable.
> My main machine is a G5 iMac running 10.4 and OS9. I have a working
> USB -> Serial cable which appears under 10.4's network options. The
> Newton is connected to the Mac via the two serial cables.
> I've got NCU installed under OS9 and I've switched on Appletalk in
> OS9.
> When I start NCU and choose [Preferences...] the only connectivity
> option is Appletalk, this box is checked.
> I open Dock on the Newton and choose [Appletalk]; I then choose
> [Other computer] - the chooser just sits there and does not find my
> iMac.

> Thanks in advance,
> Mike.

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