Re: [NTLK] How to get a Word doc into Works on an eMate

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 18:09:14 EDT

Il giorno 15/mag/06, alle 22:43, Jon Glass ha scritto:
> It should work fine, but do NOT, under any circumstances, install the
> OS X driver for this thing. If you do, you will lose your ability to
> use NCU in Classic to connect to your Newton. Make sure you install
> the older drivers for OS 9 and earlier.


Actually that is what all Keyspan instructions and web pages read.

But I could not and did not want to believe it so I went through all
the documentation I found and actually somewhere they mentioned that
actually it is possible to install both OS X drivers and Classic
drivers on the same machine provided that you do not try to use them at
the same time (anyway, no big damage: the second one you try to use
will not be available). Probably it is also on the downloadable

The funny side, as far as I remember, is that they always warn "do not
install both drivers" and then in one page they mention the possibility
to do it. If I am not wrong, here are the crucial sentences from

> Since both Mac OS X and the Classic environment have the ability to
> use USB devices directly, you may run into a case where you have
> installed the USB Serial Adapter software for Mac OS X as well as the
> 'classic' USB Serial Adapter software. At this point, you have two
> software drivers for one hardware device.
> In these cases, Mac OS X will allow you to use BOTH the 'classic'
> Keyspan drivers as well as the Mac OS X Keyspan drivers. However
> there are certain rules regarding which operating system has access
> to the ports...
> 1. if your 'classic' Mac OS has opened the Keyspan serial port(s) or
> is sending data to it, the Keyspan device and its serial port(s) will
> appear as 'busy' or 'in use' to any application requesting the
> Keyspan device in Mac OS X.
> 2. if Mac OS X has opened the Keyspan serial port(s) or is sending
> data to it, the Keyspan device will appear as if it is not connected
> (or unplugged) in your 'classic' Mac OS and any application
> requesting the Keyspan serial ports (in the 'classic' Mac OS) will
> get an error or report that the serial port is not available.

So I installed them both and I can alternatively use, say, Newten and
NCU on the same machine.

Hope it helps, hope I did not miss something.


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