Re: [NTLK] Serial board installation

From: James Wages <>
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 03:27:38 EDT

Don't mess with solvents or try to melt these older Newton plastics. Even
if you are somehow successful, you will still have the same problem: old
plastics are more brittle than new plastics.

As stated before, my solution was simply to buy some epoxy (two tubes) that
is specifically made for plastics. Even after the epoxy dries, it is still
very flexible. This allows some play in the plastics. This is important
because no matter how much you file down the top of that white serial
connector on the SER001, the PCB itself will still press against the bottom
of the case somewhat. Using the epoxy I chose, the pressure is actually
relieved because the epoxy is flexible.

Is the crack on my case still visible? Yes. But I know the pieces aren't
going to break off. And the fact is, I look at the top of my Newton 99.9%
of the time, not the bottom. So long as the crack is fixed, in my mind, its
no more an issue.

So the question new SER001 buyers must ask themselves at this stage is, "Is
it worth it to me?" If you cannot make time to file down that serial
connector or clip off excess leads on the bottom of the SER001, then I would
say you should not get the board. Without fixing the SER001, you will crack
your case, if not but a hairline crack. And a small crack in something
brittle always leads to a big crack later. So give all this thought before
you buy.


James Wages

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