Re: [NTLK] key shortcut on Frank's web page

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 09:12:16 EDT

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 16:17:17 EDT

On 5/20/06, James Fraser <>

>>Just out of morbid curiosity: are there any more where yours came from?

>The truth is, mine is the very one that you see on Frank's page. The
>guy who loaned it to Frank has passed it on to me.

[laughs his usual loud, stupid-sounding laugh]

Don't tell me: there were just *one* of these things ever made...and it's
slowly circling the globe.

>Unfortunately, I have been unable to get this thing to work at all--other
>than powering
>and charging my Newtons, that is. I don't know if it's because my
>power supply is too powerful (the 2k model)

I "assume" that you've had a chance to try it out with an earlier model

If you're willing to pay the return shipping, I would be willing to ship an
MP 130 to you to give you a chance to play with it and at least confirm that
the FreeKey does, indeed, work. Although, frankly, you could prolly buy an
MP 130 outright for a lot less than it would cost to ship one from Europe
back to America.

>or if my keyboard is too much for it, or if it's dead, or what, but I have
>not succeeded in
>getting my keyboard (and Apple Pro II model) to work with this thing.

I assume that the Pro is a USB keyboard, yes? Is there an adapter between
the keyboard and the FreeKey?

>:-( It makes a great Newton stand, however. :-)

Yeah, it's pretty cool the way that it docks with the MP. I just wish that
the designer had stuck around long enough to produce a Mark II model that
worked decently in landscape mode. Speaking as a horrible
anal-retentive-type person, I can't believe that the designer overlooked
that function.

Although I, for one, found Mr. Gruendel's FreeKey landscape mode "hack"
hugely entertaining.


James Fraser

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