[NTLK] Windows connectivity s/w - quick recommendations?

From: Michael Blazer <m.blazer_at_utoronto.ca>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 12:30:53 EDT

Hi all,

My IT dept. at work has just told me I can have admin rights on my XP workstation for
the next 24 hours to install any Newton connectivity software I need. (This is three
months after I put the request in!!!)

Here's what I was going to install:
- NCU 1.0
- NP (2.0?)
- Paperback2
- Slowdown
- NCU Hack (should I? - do I need this AND Slowdown, or is it one or the other? I'm
probably not going to be able to play with FIFO buffers (whatever they are) and I'm
definitely not going to mess with the Windows Registry)

I'm probably stuck using the serial port, so no point installing Basilisk or anything
for IrDA.

I mainly just want to be able to install packages and make books out of documents at
work so I can load them on the Newton and not lug big piles of paper around to

We use Outlook 2003 here, but I only use it for e-mail, not the calendaring or any other
functions. I might consider using those other functions if there were a good way to
synch them with the Newton, but I assume that's not really feasible anymore. (I don't
want to mess around too much, because if anything screws up, the IT department will
simply re-image my machine without all my Newton stuff on it! They definitely won't
help me troubleshoot, and they certainly won't give me admin rights again to let me try
to troubleshoot.)

Is there anything else that I'll really wish I had installed during this window of
opportunity? Being a Mac user at home, I haven't kept up with the Windows connectivity
side of things.


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