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From: Adriano <>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 13:18:26 EDT

Hi James,

much thanks for asking.

On OSX Escale is the unique application which can be set to run at
speeds higher than standard 38400bps over serial, but trying to sync
Newton through NewtUSB at 230400bps will make Escale crash.

On OS9 (Classic) the SerialEnabler won't recognize the NewtUSB, so
NCU or any other serial application won't sync using NewtUSB's serial
port at speeds higher than standard 38400bps.
Some more info about fast serial connection on Classic follow this

NewtUSB's serial port can run at higher speeds, but the SerialEnabler
simply doesn't recognize it.

NewtUSB vs Keyspan?

  - Esthetically the Keyspan adapter is bigger and much more expensive,
while NewtUSB is built in a shining aluminum case, it's smaller and
much more solid.

NewtUSB have been built thinking about an adapter which could be used
in any condicton,
in fact it's ideal when travelling, and for laptop users, and for
people who use more than one desktop operative system, and expecially
for Newton users.

  - About compatibility, the devices have very similar capabilities,
but NewtUSB has something more in terms of easy-to-use and stability.

NewtUSB drivers won't never need to be configured, just install
drivers once and you are set.
You can plug and unplug your NewtUSB as you wish and the OS won't

NewtUSB will be recognized by any OS as a true serial device, not an
emulated one as on the Keyspan, so your serial connections will be
always much more stable using NewtUSB.

Also consider that attaching a simple/cheap DB9 to mini-din8 adapter
to the NewtUSB,
you will have a serial PDA to usb adapter, which Keyspan sells

Note that i started experiencing Newton on a Keyspan adapter.
I made the NewtUSB cause i was tired to reset the tricky Keyspan

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis

24/mag/06 James Wages wrote:

> Sorry if this has been covered before, but does your NewtUSB
> adapter run at
> 230kbps, under both OS 9 and OS X? I didn't find this information
> in the
> features listing:
> Also, how does NewtUSB compare with similar products like the Keyspan
> TwinSerial in terms of functionality, compatibility and performance?

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