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From: Mark Ross <>
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 13:43:57 EDT

This is an area we at NuShield have considerable experience with.
While there are gasketed screens (NEMA rated and water sealed) they
use a special felt that will not trigger the touch screen. Do not try
this at home, as if you put any kind of gasket on the screen, you
will more likely than not create either "Jaggies" or full blown
screen lockup where the screen will not respond to the stylus at all.
Keeping the case from touching the screen is the best option.
NuShield will rarely trigger this response in some PDA's
(fortunately, not the Newtons) with an unusually tight case once the
film is installed.
Note that manufacturers always make the touch screen slightly larger
than the case bezel edge. This is to hide the connectors and
electronics as well as help keep dirt out of the device.

Note that I'm not an engineer either, but I did sleep in a Holiday
Inn Express last night.

Mark Ross
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On May 29, 2006, at 11:13 PM, James Fraser wrote:
> Puckdropper <> wrote
>> I think Apple's mistake was
>> having a writable surface under the frame of the
>> screen and not sealing it for dust.
> Has anyone experimented with sealants and found one safe for both  
> the Newton
> Screen and  case plastics?  It would be nice if there were some  
> sort of
> "treatment" one could perform on the Newt to help increase it's  
> longevity.
> I ask this because I seem to have an MP 2K with jaggies that causes  
> pen
> input to be off *just enough* make it quite excruciating  
> to use.
> If there's anything reasonable  I could do to help prevent  
> something like
> this from occurring on another unit, please tell me what it is.
>> If they had a small (say 1 mm) border around the frame and sealed  
>> it, I
>> doubt the jaggies would be as >big of problem.
> Would it be possible to develop, say, a thin rubber "NewtGasket"  
> that could
> be installed to help prevent the jaggies?
>> I'm not an engineer, I just play one on MS Train Simulator!  
>> (chuckles)
> Neither am I.  But I have seen one on television.
> Best,
> James Fraser
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