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> Todd:
> While I certainly applaud your desire to own and use not just one, but TWO
> Newtons (!!), I do feel the need to give you a bit of fair warning as to using
> them on the Internet.
> You've mentioned that "I've heard reports that the MessagePad (with a wifi
> card) can browse the net and this would be neat if I don't have to spend the
> $$ for an iPad yet."
> This sets off some red flares for me. Just be aware that the Newton web
> browsing experience is a far different one than one with a iPad (or any other
> iOS device, Mac or PC). Of course, there's no color...there will be no video,
> many pages will no open correctly (if at all), any pages rendered in Flash
> won't work, and many images won't show up. It will also take a long time to
> open most websites/pages.
> If you were around and using a computer, say, in the early- to mid-90s...it's
> a lot like that, in monochrome.
> Those of us that use the Newton regularly understand these limitations and
> (for the most part) accept them...it's the sheer joy of its use that makes us
> continue on with it.
> Just my pair of red cents on this...having said all that, Please! Carry on.

You're right to point this out Forrest, but IMO it's no bad thing.  Except
for the work I need to do on the web, internet connection can be a curse:
constant interruptions of e-mail, the urge/temptation to look up just one
more thing, the ease of giving in to the desire to procrastinate and check
new and mess around on web pages and this and that.  Writing on my Newton is
like turning aside from all that and simply drilling down into the job at
hand.  At first it was like moving house from a place where traffic noises
were 24/7 into a remote woodland cabin, but very quickly I found that it was
just the escape I needed.  It even emboldened me to turn off my phones for a
couple of hours a day, something I hadn't done for years, so that I really
could just be alone with my Newton and whatever is on my mind.

I still have my laptop for those times when I have to have the internet.
What I don't have is that constant threat of interruption and distraction.
I swapped that for greater productivity.  B-)

Saying that, I know that the only way Apple would ever make another one is
if they could include connectivity.  If it happens I'd live with it, by
turning it off most of the time.  I've learned to value my restricted
availability too much.


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