[NTLK] MessagePad 2000: newbie questions

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon May 23 19:46:22 EDT 2011

Yes some packages are "protected" and have beaming disabled.  I don't
have a link handy but look for a package called EEunprotect.  I think Ed
has it on his site, along with others.  If you install that on a newt it
allows packages that normally can't be moved to a card or beamed to be.
 It is a very handy little package.


On 5/23/2011 2:45 PM, Nic Malone wrote:
> Thanks! This worked for the Newton eBooks I had on the eMate but I couldn't beam the NIE, Ethernet, ATA Card Support etc packages. Selecting them only gave the option to delete them.  Guess I'll have to lurk around eBay for a dongle.

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