[NTLK] MessagePad 2000: newbie questions

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue May 24 13:58:54 EDT 2011

> I also have an Orinoco Silver WiFi card, and a 4mb memory card.
> Does anyone know if I can install the WiFi driver package from
> UNNA onto the memory card using the eMate then put the card into
> the MP2000 to enable the package on that device?


I just installed the Ethernet, Internet, WLAN and a couple of other drivers
to a brainwiped MP2x00 and backed it up to a card. Then I put this card
(which is read-only in an eMate) into my eMate and tried to restore this
backup. To my surprise, this  worked without a hitch!

This means that we can use cheap memory cards for the card lending service
even if the bootstrap problem occurs with an eMate.

I understand that your problem is bootstrapping your 2x00, with the drivers
currently being installed on the eMate. Since your card is read-only in the
eMate, the above finding will not help you. But I could send you a 20MB card
with such a backup along with the screws. If you want to keep it, it's yours
for EUR 15.00. If you don't, simply send it back after restoring the backup
to your 2x00.

> I have already read your guide to this. Might try it as I have nothing to
loose (except maybe fingers, and they grow back, right?)

Yes, they do. But even if they didn't: with so many people rebuilding
battery packs, fingers are a dime a dozen in this part of the hemisphere. 

If you are unsure, though, I could do this for you unless you are in a
hurry. The price is EUR 35 if you trade an old pack in or EUR 45 if you
don't. I'm currently using 2400mAh cells, which is exactly twice the
capacity of the original cells. Alternatively, I could use 2100mAh cells
with almost no self-discharge (Enneloop technology).



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