[NTLK] [ADMIN] Disabled Membership Messages

Doug Denby ddenby at rogers.com
Mon Sep 12 08:54:14 EDT 2011

Thanks Grant

My membership was one of those affected.


On 2011-09-12, at 1:34 AM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:

> Just a quick update.
> I'm not sure what was going on earlier today, but dozens of NewtonTalk  
> members received messages that their accounts had been disabled. I  
> haven't been able to determine whether it was a spurious issue with  
> the mailing list software or a problem with Media Temple who host of  
> the NewtonTalk server. However, the error messages sent back to my  
> admin account seem to indicate that something in the Plesk control  
> panel at Media Template failed.
> It looks like it was mostly Gmail, Yahoo, .Mac. MobileMe, and Hotmail  
> addresses that were affected ... but not all of them. In fact, my own  
> email account (which is a personal domain hosted at Bluehost) was  
> disabled as well.
> I'm looking into the problem, but it's really a mystery as to why this  
> would have happened. In the meantime, I have gone through the entire  
> list membership and manually re-enabled all subscriptions.
> g.
> (Here's hoping this message makes it through.)
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