[NTLK] Oil in Newton

Nic Malone nicmalone at gmx.com
Fri Jan 11 16:20:23 EST 2013

Hi all

My first car was a Ford Capri, or 'crapi' as it ought to have been called. A poor man's  Mustang. I liked it though. Leaked water rather than oil. I got to contemplate a lot of roadside laybys waiting for the breakdown service to turn up. I started carrying a jerry can full of water around for such eventualities. When the windscreen washer jet failed at 3am in a Scottish village, I started pouring this jerry can over the glass. The police car that drove past did a very quick u-turn!

Now, I'm driving a British narrowboat. It also has no oil leaks...and, more importantly, no water leaks.


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