[NTLK] Results of "community" research survey?

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Fri Jan 18 16:04:03 EST 2013

>>> Maggie has also indicated that she is happy to provide us with an
>>> analysis of the survey results later in the spring.
>> Did anything ever come of this?
> I have sent an email to Maggie asking about the status of the research
> project. Hopefully, she'll be able to provide some fresh insight.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Here's an update from Maggie.



Hi Grant,

So nice to hear from you!

It's funny you should write, as I am just working through the statistical analysis now. I had to go out to collect data again as my committee was not convinced I had enough samples. I have since gone back out and collected data from several other communities to supplement the ones I already had. 

Early indications are that my model is at least partly supported…communities in which there are norms of reciprocity established by their moderators or leaders are far more likely to survive over the long term than those that are more "tit-for-tat". Even though economic theories would suggest that when everyone gets exactly as much out of a social interaction as they put in, it leads to a successful relationship, it looks as though communities in which people have the opportunity to "give more" might actually be more successful in the long term (as long as what they are "giving" helps them express part of their personal identity). 

I won't have the statistics organized for another few weeks. I'm hoping to get to the point where I defend the dissertation this May. I expect to have a four or five page "executive summary" of the study in April, and that's what I'll send to participating communities. But by all means, please share this update with the group. NewtonTalk was the first community to agree to participate in my study and I am very grateful for your enthusiastic support. 

Thanks and take care,


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