[NTLK] Oil in Newton.. LOL

Michael Hurley mephit at mac.com
Fri Jan 11 16:21:06 EST 2013

On Jan 11, 2013, at 6:16 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:

> I went for the classic Series Land Rover, and does it ever leak oil. I
> went for the newest of the old style, a 1982 Series III (they were
> only produced until 1985), with a full syncro gearbox (yes, that, dual
> power brakes, and a little padding on the dash are really the only
> improvements from the fifties & sixties models) and it still leaks
> like there's no tomorrow. And don't get me started on the Lucas
> electrics.

Ah, Lucas. The Prince of Darkness. 

Yep, I owned a 1975 MGB many years ago. Loved that beast. The original wiring had exactly four fuses for the entire wiring harness. Engine Bay, Front Lights, Rear Lights and Cabin. All glass buss fuses, of course! Thankfully, I had a mechanic who really, really knew these beasts and he was able to upgrade the fusebox to at 16-slot blade fuse one. 
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