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> Did the brakes on my 73. First time id ever done it. Went on the test
> drive and stopped in the neighbors yard at the end of the T
> intersection.... Live and learn I suppose. I can't beat the comfort
> and range of a modern day VW TDI, though Mazda might woo me in the
> future if they offer manual station wagons with the skyactiv-D 2.2
> engine. Coming from a ford family, once in 15 years have I been
> rescued in a modern vw for a failure (and it had 265,000 miles on it
> when the shift linkage failed). Our ford and Chevys have been another
> story, sadly.

Just got a Mazda 3, Chris.  Really like the performance and goodies it came
with.  Mine has a 5-speed gearbox, is comfortable and handles well.  I'm not
in the market for a station wagon so I don't know what's available in other
countries.  I'm in the UK so I'd guess the model range could be slightly
different elsewhere but I know there's at least one larger model here.

After 21 years of driving Fords quite happily, I've found the Mazda to be a


My own experience of VWs (3 of them) has been pleasant astonishment at how
they just last and last and last despite less than ideal treatment and



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