[NTLK] [OT] Oil in Newton.. LOL

Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Mon Jan 14 17:11:33 EST 2013

Yeah, probably should have kept it, would be worth a lot now if it's in good shape. We all fix things and sometimes plans work out and sometimes not but after scaring the heck out of yourself you just figure out that if I had of hit someone or been hit I probably would not be here today. Ah the days of youth when we all think we are invincible....

Been offered a fair bit for my Mini but will not sell it or if I do decide to get rid of it I will give it to my son, he'll keep it. One of the good things with one son being a mechanic is I don't pay for his labor outside of a case or two of beer...


On 2013-01-14, at 2:53 PM, Matthias Melcher wrote:

> Ooooh, a Splitty! Nice.

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