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> My first car was a 64' Mustang -- actually a 64.5 (which was an
> important distinction, I think). It was "poppy orange" which really meant
> orange, and it was in immaculate condition. I was 16 and took my driving
> test in it.

You have no idea how much I envy you and how much sympathy I have for your
dad at this moment!  :-)

Yes, the distinction was important; the very first models of Mustang were
released earlier than usual, and called "'64-1/2", while the "real"
production was called 1965.  Rumour was that Ford released it early so they
could unveil it at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair (known to the young
whipper-snappers on this list only as the backdrop for the famous denuoement
of _Men In Black_ (those "flying saucers" were in reality the Observation
Towers of the New York State Pavilion).  Intentional or not, that's where
they showed it to the world for the first time in spring of '64.

That's where I saw it first, at the Ford Pavilion of the Fair a few weeks
later.  I wasn't driving age yet but I fell in love with it instantly.  And
if anyone is old enough to remember Aurora slot cars, my first one was a
Mustang, bought the week after I attended the Fair.  And yes, mine was
bright orange too.  It's just a perfect colour for that car isn't it?   I
resprayed it myself and went for "nasturtium" instead of poppy -- had to
order the spray can specially for an extra quarter.

The things that always made me want the 64-1/2 Mustang over the later (and
arguably better) ones were:  I saw that first one released at the Fair and
actually was allowed to sit in it (one of the exhibitors watched me
sketching the car in my pad, and traded me the sketch for a chance to sit in
it); the Ford dealer in my city was doing a special promotion on Mustangs --
something to do with bringing your World's Fair ticket stub along and
getting a good discount; and for a very limited time, was throwing in the
engine upgrade and 4-on-the-floor at half-price.  Somehow even at that age I
had respect for a bargain!  And my city had a kind of tie to "mustangs" --
the horse, that is.

That brings me to sympathy for your dad.  I also loved the Beetle, even had
one, but sell off a Mustang to get one?  I'd sooner have shot off my right

It's a fortunate son whose dad loves him as much as your dad loves you.  I
applaud him -- shake his hand for me next time you see him.  And I applaud
you for recognizing his sacrifice.  :-)

Now let's see, how do we get "Mustangs" and Newtons back together?  Time for
a sketch, I think. 



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