[NTLK] MP130 Stiff Power Switch

Joel Sciamma joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk
Thu Jan 17 12:22:33 EST 2013

On 17 Jan 2013, at  17:00, Ross Deihm wrote:

> I had a similar problem on my 120.  Had it for years and still have
> it. I have had it apart, but found no reason beyond basic friction of
> the plastic sliding pieces of the case. The switch itself with out the
> lever required little to no force to activate. I never tried
> lubrication of the plastic with anything for fear of causing more
> problems, but I did train myself to be more gentle on the slide. More
> force didn't make it any smoother, and soon I got used to the minimum
> "touch" to power on. I also tend to use a fingernail rather than
> finger. Fingers caused me to push in more than down, making it
> stiffer. A light pinch with a index finger nail was much easier. Hope
> that helps.
> On 1/15/13, Chris Chapman <chrisc30 at me.com> wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I dug out my trusty MP130. It works and all, but the power switch is really
>> stiff. If this a known problem with a cure?

You can lubricate any ABS parts with clear silicone (not silicon) grease that is commonly available in electronic stores and it wont have any effect on the plastic parts, like a mineral lubricant, and will have no effect on electrical contacts other than preventing corrosion.

Mine is Dow Corning MS4 (now DC4) silicone compound.

Only a small amount is required, so it lasts forever.

Highly recommended for all such jobs.


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