[NTLK] MP130 Stiff Power Switch

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Sat Jan 19 01:03:11 EST 2013


--- On Wed, 1/16/13, jeepfc170 at yahoo.com <jeepfc170 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>What about powdered Teflon lock lubricant? It is dry doesn't run and >works >well on mechanical stuff I have used it on.

Do you happen to have the manufacturer's name handy for the lubricant you have in mind?

I ask because when Joel Sciamma mentioned silicone grease earlier:

>You can lubricate any ABS parts with clear silicone (not silicon) grease >that is commonly available in electronic stores and it wont have any >effect >on the plastic parts, like a mineral lubricant, and will have no >effect on >electrical contacts other than preventing corrosion.

>Mine is Dow Corning MS4 (now DC4) silicone compound.

...he gave enough information to allow the OP to contact the manufacturer directly if they had any questions concerning the use of the substance.

If the OP had the same sort of information available for Teflon lock lubricant, they could dash off a query to the manufacturer and verify firsthand that it works well when employed near electronics as well as for strictly mechanical applications.

(I'm not clear on whether Teflon in powdered form might contain additional ingredients that are a no-no for electronics.  Perhaps someone else can speak to that?)


James Fraser

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