[NTLK] eProbe and eMate in 2013

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 06:56:55 EST 2013


--- On Sun, 1/27/13, SteveCraft <steve at craftsathome.net> wrote:

> The heart rate monitor is not on the eProbe supported list,
> and and I don't (yet?) understand how it works, but I need
> to experiment a bit more.

Do you have a personal website where we might find updates?  Or do you think you might post any progress you make to the list?  The heart monitor concept is very, very cool (IMHO, anyway).  

The reason I ask about updates is because this might be yet another way to keep people interested in the Newton platform.  While I can't say I've ever been able to make any real use of the eMate myself, the fact that it's about as indestructible as a computing device could ever be expected to be has always made me a minor fan.


Anyway, thank you for posting about your project. Great stuff (Maynard).


James Fraser

PS: I've always liked the extra-compact keyboard of the IIGS.  It's an almost ideal keyboard to use when desk/server rack space is at a premium.
With an iMate ADB-USB adapter, it's possible to use a IIGS keyboard on 21st century hardware, in case anyone would like to try it out for themselves.

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