[NTLK] eProbe and eMate in 2013

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
Mon Jan 28 11:23:43 EST 2013

Nonononono. :)

eProbe was a commercial app provided by Vernier Software. They bundled it
with something else and sold it during the (very short) heyday of the eMate.
I just finally put all of the stuff in my basement together and made it
"go". IIRC there is a demo of the eProbe software on UNNA.

My plan was/is to write something for the Apple IIGS to do the same logging
as can be done on the eMate. I got newly motivated to try out eProbe when I
realized that there are many time-sucking roadblocks to developing on the
IIGS these days. :)

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Wow, that is pretty wicked!

So you coded that program yourself?

On 1/27/13 10:53 PM, SteveCraft wrote:
> Hey all, just checking in. I connected an eMate, eProbe, and Vernier 
> Serial Box Interface that had all been sitting mothballed for *way* 
> too long. I got a Temperature Sensor from eBay for $10 and a Heart 
> Rate monitor for  $15 IIRC, fired things up, and they work! The idea 
> is to come up with something a little different for my kid's science 
> fair this year. My original plan was/is to get the Vernier bits 
> working with a homebrew program on my IIGS, I thought that the 
> eMate/eProbe combination would make a good alternate plan if I (most 
> likely) don't get the IIGS coding done in time to actually do an 
> experiment and make the fair.  Anyway, the temperature sensing works 
> as-advertised. The heart rate monitor is not on the eProbe supported 
> list, and and I don't (yet?) understand how it works, but I need to
experiment a bit more.
> Anyway, Vernier Serial Box Interface and eProbe stuff can be had super 
> cheap these days, so if you are looking for another job for your 
> Newton hardware, there it is..
> For a little while, I will have these of pictures up:
> http://www.jeannereal.com/get/newt/ematewitheprobe1.jpg
> http://www.jeannereal.com/get/newt/ematewitheprobe2.jpg

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