[NTLK] Clear developer's Newton 110 pops up on eBay | MacNN

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 20:55:54 EST 2013


--- On Tue, 1/29/13, Andrei Chichak <andrei at chichak.ca> wrote:

> Zowie, I managed to find my old website, back from 1997 with my newt.

I laughed when I saw the picture, seeing as how my "work" style (I use the word in its broadest possible sense, of course) is very similar. :p

However, I have to admit to pangs of jealousy at seeing you operate one of those "chair" thingies with such ease.  I'm afraid I lost the instructions that came with mine and have yet to be able to work out exactly which part of me goes where.  Oh, well. : /

(Perhaps I could learn by watching old reruns of "Mork and Mindy," eh?)


James Fraser

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