[NTLK] Montreal Poutine Week is February 1 through 7

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 10:06:33 EST 2013


--- On Thu, 1/31/13, Lord Groundhog <lordgroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Seriously (for only a moment I promise) I'll somehow do my
> best to indulge, if only for Newt's sake.  But it is hard being so far
> from the motherload.

Maybe it's not all that hard if you break things down:

>Warwick Quebec is the place where poutine was invented, and named, back >in 1957 by restaurateur Fernand Lachance, who died recently at the ripe >old age of 86, leaving not only his calorific imprint but also some >serious questions about the low-carb fuss. Warwick still produces the >very best cheese curds which is shipped all over Canada.


If the "very best cheese curds" are shipped all over Canada (Canada = Rather Large Place), then surely they can be shipped from Canada to the UK?  

I'm not saying it would be an inexpensive undertaking, but if this is something you want to experience the "genuine" version of, perhaps it's worth the expense as a one-time thing?

(Perhaps someone who has experience handling [or better yet, shipping] the curds can speak to perishability?)

The gravy, of course, would be a doddle, what with coming in powdered form and combining with water for the desired end product.

Anyway, it's just an idea. [shrugs]


James Fraser

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