[NTLK] Montreal Poutine Week is February 1 through 7

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Thu Jan 31 11:16:24 EST 2013

> It's really a question of getting the right curds isn't it?  I'm not even
> sure we can do it here.  AFAIK authentic poutine uses Ontario "cheddar"
> (i.e., "cheddar-style") cheese, not genuine English *Cheddar* cheese, so
> poutine here would be made either with the real thing or with some
> industrial version of it, and neither one is necessarily going to have the
> taste (or texture) as Ontario cheese.  Or am I being too fussy?  ;-)

I don' thank the franch in k-beck would taaake de cheese curd from on-tar-eee-o.

What you need to find is someone who makes cheddared cheese. The curds are the balls of base material that are pressed together and aged. You want them as they first come out of the tanks while they still squeak when you bite them.

Perhaps your local cheese monger can help you out. That would be much quicker than trying to get dairy products shipped overseas, especially since that whole mad cow thing.


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