[NTLK] Error -60001 NetHopper

Newton Support newtonsupport at pda-soft.de
Thu Oct 30 19:10:14 EDT 2014

> I only get Error -60001. 

For what it's worth:

This is the Newton's polite and respectful way of telling us that the bind
operation attempted by the Internet Enabler's Inet Tool failed at the lowest
level. The Inet Tool is the underlying communications tool that provides a
configurable stack of protocols at and below the TCP/IP level. It can
establish physical links using various low-level communications services,
like e. g. the built-in modem tool. That way the Internet Enabler allows
different applications to share the same links, which, at the time this was
coded, made a lot of sense since establishing a link was kind of

For details have a look here: <http://preview.tinyurl.com/ksyqhak>

You might want to try uninstalling Nethopper, Courier and Internet Enabler,
then reset the Newton, and then re-install NetHopper and Internet Enabler. 


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