[NTLK] Flash (or compact flash) for emate

Stephen Hankins ghankins at mac.com
Thu Oct 30 22:26:38 EDT 2014

Hi All!

I would like to get a storage card for my eMate. I have several for my MP2100, but the eMate doesn't like any of them, I asusme because they are all 12v instead of 5v.

But the number of cards out there is a bit bewildering, the prices high, and the specifications sketchy. I wonder if anyone can recommend something in the 4-32MB range that will work with an eMate?

Alternatively, I have a couple of unused CompactFlash cards lying around from an old, dead camera. So I could buy one of those PCMCIA CF adaptors. Any recommendations on which of these for the eMate? I gather that one needs Paul Guyot's ATA drivers for this to work?


Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC
ghankins at mac.com

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