Re: NTLK Newton, Internet access, and AirPort

From: dunay (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 23:37:02 EST

Just a thought, I don't have a clue how the airport is setup but somewhere there is a modem init string. You should be able
to configure the modem to dial faster, with less time between tones, most modems default to a long space in between tones to
deal with inferior lines that can't handle fast tones. You must set certain registers in the modem to specify the
length between tones. You may also be able to set the length of tone but I'm not sure. This will require some playing
around with the length as if it is to fast you won't make a connection. I had a Mac configured to "speed dial" and really
liked it.

This combined with the cool DNS trick may get you there.

The other option I just thought of is to set the newt to connect to the base station or another local IP address through
telnet or other IP protocol like WWW, the base station must have an ip address what it will listen to I don't know. Make
sure you set disconnect to "NEVER" in the IP setup on the newt as long as you connect to the local IP the newt should remain
connected until doomsday.

.John M Dunay
.MPR Technologies, Inc

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