NTLK RE: Deleting large blocks of text

From: dunay (jdunay@mprtech.com)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 22:55:07 EST

I had and still have this issue on occasion. You have to go back and forth like /\/\/, the key is the amount of times that
you zizzag. I think the newt recognizes a delete when you go back and forth more than 4 times, the lines should be straight
with a sharp reverse in direction like this /\/\/ (don't lift though). I find that if I scribble it out like I
would on paper the newt doesn't recognize the delete and it tries to turn it in to text, if I use the Newt scribble it
deletes it.

> When I highlight a large block of text for deletion I don't seem to have much
> luck getting the scribble gesture to work to get rid of it. Maybe I'm doing
> something wrong. So instead of that I drop it in Clipper from Standalone,
> which sits in my status bar, then I go into Clipper & delete the clipping.
> This is pretty awkward. I wonder if anyone has seen a status bar button or a
> small program that can be put in the button bar that acts like a trashcan or
> does anyone have any other suggestions?
> Thanks much,
> Jon.
> jon.shurtleff@munich.netsurf.de

.John M Dunay
.MPR Technologies, Inc

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