Re: NTLK MP3s on the Newton - Why?

From: Chris Browder (
Date: Sun Nov 28 1999 - 16:01:24 EST

----Clipping What was said for space----

Now .... onto pressing issues.

The importance of MP3s to me is that I am in school and can not take my
CD player to school nor can I to work. Howver if I had an MP3 player for
Newton with a few songs on it I could listen to thme during dead time and
be happy. I'd also like to use my MP as a cell phone...I heard there was
such a project going on at one point. As for the storage with a 16MB
Preteck flash card and only what 3MB of data on it with all my
*important* (names, etc) in internal RAM...I don't see why not. Oh and I
make my own MP3s from the CDs I get....seeing as how I am never home and
even in the car a CD player isn't all that faboo. As for the Rio that is
a joke. I do not have a USB port. I do not use Windows. Thus, I am
limited to make my own MP3s and using other alternatives - reads: NEWTON.
Now....if I had any idea as to how to write Newton Script I'd probably
complie one myself. And if your wondering about the TV remote...let me
put it this way: My family broke my remotes and I need one. (Hint to
programmers - the Palm versions allow the remote to send the remote code
to the IR port of the Palm and it can receive it and store the code in
it's memory and be assigned to a button -- if someone made that for TVPad
I'd be in heaven!!). I also got the same remarkes when I told my fmily I
waas going to use my cell phone as a 9600 mobile internet connection. I
don't care what other say - I like (and at times need) to be able to get
my email from my car (since I work retail and I am in high school my
social life is zippo when you work 5-6 days a week and have school 5 days
a week with term papers and exams coming up..and the holiday rush at
work). So for some of us out there who are (a) money deprived, (b) in a
rush to get things done, (c) like being techno-geeks, (d) would like to
see the Newton OS be compatable with the latest technology and finally
(f) want to rub it in the face of those Winbloze CE users out there

Long live Newton !!!

With this said...I shall conclude with this: Different people have
different needs don't diss someone's idea JUST because you don't
see a need (did this occur: What if someone out there has a Newton and is
in the recording business -- MP3 samples of new artists would be quite
handy to them - or are they not important enough to get that?)

Cynically siogning off....

"Let me sail, let me sail. Let the Orinoco Flow." (Enya)

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