Re: NTLK MP3s on the Newton - Why?

From: Jim Meier (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 01:22:40 EST

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Michael Alan Jones wrote:
> > ... is there a beta of a MP3 player for Newton?
> Do you really want to load up your valuable data space with a handful of songs, when you can get one of those RIO's or a portable CD player? I never understood this - I like MP3 streaming sites myself, but why would you want to waste the space on a handheld computer to make it do this in a portable fashion?
> I guess some people want to say, "So what" to the handful of people who bought a WinCE toy like the Jornada or the E-100. My nephew is getting a Jornada from Santa Claus this year (he's 23), because he said, "It is so cool, you can put MP3's on it!" I responded, yeah, about 5 or so. He said, "What? You can put more than that on it, it has 32 megs on it."
> That is a real waste. Remember: 1 MB per minute of song, average of 3 minutes per song. If you had absolutely nothing AT ALL on your computer, including any names, dates or anything, you would have 16-32MB or RAM (based on your configuration). I am not sure if that means 32MB without the OS and assorted included software, like notepads and Pocket Exploiter and Pocket "Worried" and Pocket Expell. Maybe someone else can verify that.for me?
> Anyway, even IF you actually have 32MB free and clear for storage, and have absolutely nothing on your PDA, you would only have at most the capacity for 11 songs on it. You want to pay hundreds of dollars to store 11 songs? Ridiculous!
> Oh, and what about the pitiful battery life on those WinCE toys? Try about 4-6 hours of continuous use. Is that good enough?
> Nowadays, you can get portable CD players for $29 on up (in the US, at Target). You can have the real thing, with a few CD's and some batteries that will last about 8 hours or so. This sounds like a good thing to me.
> Am I the only one that realizes this? Anyway, I will let you know how many songs he can get on his Jornada when he gets the thing, and how long it lasts.
> From the eMate of Michael Jones

I just think it'd be a really great hack. :)

-Jim Meier
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