Re: NTLK NTLK: pcmcia serial card

Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 10:43:23 EST

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Thomas A Kinga wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if I can use a pcmcia serial card if on my MP2000,
> as I'm waiting for a european serial (pc) cable to be ordered.
> As many U.S users may not be aware, over here in the UK (europe),
> the connection on the newtons are not mini-din (8 pin) connections,
> which means, all the lovely technical notes on building a serial
> connection
> cables is of no use to me, maybe someone knows about my problem and can

What, precisely, are the connections on the Newton?
Areyou referring to the Newton Interconnect Port, that weird 26 pin
connector on the mp2k? There's a serial adaptor that Apple makes that
converts that to a mini-din 9 connector.

The actual physical hardware of the Newtons is identical no matter which
part of the world you go to...the mp2k uses a weird custom connector with
an adaptor for normal serial connectors, and the rest of them have minidin
8 connectors directly on them.


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