Re: NTLK MP3's and WinCE

Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 12:16:03 EST

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Marco Mailand wrote:

> schrieb:
> > MP3 on Newton? 'Because everyone else is doing it', the Newt is so powerful,
> > the question isn't why, it's why not? If someone has the space, and wants
> listen to low quality music. Any MP3 is interesting to me only if
> I have easy access to free of charge music at low download costs and if
> I would have enough storage space. For now the storage media are far
> expensive than e.g. the MD's I'm using now and the quality of the Newton
> mono-speaker wouldn't satisfy what I want. Any MD-player is smaller than
> a Newton and has a far better quality. To me MP3 on a Newton is only a
> technical challenge, not more.
> --

I've got to agree with Marco... it would be pretty sweet to be able to
play some MP3s on the Newt, but it wouldn't be practical to use all the
time. You'd have to get an adapter just to use headphones (and I'm not
going to talk about the stress that may be caused on the interconnect
port). The Newt can only output (at best) 16-bit, 22Khz mono sound.
That's not even FM-radio quality. And who really has money to invest in
the dual 32MB cards you'd need??

Continuing a bit with the "What do you listen to music on?" discussion,
I'm suprised no one has mentioned... CD burners! Drives are very cheap
now, and so is blank media. Play time is the same as MD and most MP3
players out now. Want to play those MP3s? Just decode them and burn them
as a normal audio CD!

Of course, I'm still waiting for an affordable, freely available MP3
player that will play CDs full of (undecoded) MP3s...

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