Re: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestions Pls

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 23:39:20 EST

Hi Paul,

The most interesting part of synchronizing the Newton with desktop PIMs ia
that Apple hired Puma to write that part of NCU, who specialized in PC
(Windows) solutions. NCU synchronizes fast, near flawlessly, without
compromises with Lotus Organizer 2.0 (which I use) and the other PC-based
PIMs, while it barely works (even after jumping through flaming hoops) with
the Mac-based PIMs.

Another example of farming out work to vendors when they could have done it
both better and cheaper in-house (ParaGraph vs Rosetta). Corporate
expediency sucks!

You can export and import tab or comma-delimited files using X-Port from Dan
Rowley or Revelar Cennection Utility if Now accepts or produces these types
of files. Good Luck!



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From: max search <>
Subject: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestions Pls
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:19:18 -0800 (PST)

Despite my strong affinity for my Newton, I absolutely
want to hurl it out the window when attempting to import,
export, or sync data, still.

I purchased a MP100 when it first arrived on retail
shelves and used it mostly as a PIM for about four years. About
six months ago I purchased a 2nd hand MP 130. It amazes me just
how fatal a flaw Apple allowed to 'go by' them and just how
large an opportunity (ie Palm's success) developers have as well, in their
deference to building all these exotic applications and plug-in's ("can I
land a lunar module remotely using my Newt somehow"...) for Newts while
abandoning any notion of building a *robust* and reliable sync utility.

Isn't 3m Palm's success proof that the real money was in building
rock solid PIM Organzier functions first and then adding more exotic PDA
type one's around it where/when possible ?

I use Now Contact/Up-To-Date (new versions coming soon). Now Syncronize is
a joke and should be called instead "Now (almost
with 18 work arounds) Import" at best....NCU 1.0 responds to sync request
with "this feature is not supported yet"

What is the best way to import/export, and sync the PIM data I have
in Now Contact/Up-To-Date available out there now ?

Seems like there could be a Newt List devoted soley to this one topic alone.

Still I'm committed...until Mr Jobs comes up with a i-Pad or something.

Any insight appreciated.

Paul Moshay
Los Angeles, Calif.

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