Re: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestions Pls

From: Dan Rowley (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 11:50:36 EST

> The most interesting part of synchronizing the Newton with desktop PIMs ia
> that Apple hired Puma to write that part of NCU, who specialized in PC
> (Windows) solutions. NCU synchronizes fast, near flawlessly, without
> compromises with Lotus Organizer 2.0 (which I use) and the other PC-based
> PIMs, while it barely works (even after jumping through flaming hoops) with
> the Mac-based PIMs.
> Another example of farming out work to vendors when they could have done it
> both better and cheaper in-house (ParaGraph vs Rosetta). Corporate
> expediency sucks!
    Careful, there.. You're taking a stab at my livelihood! ;-) Contract
guns-for-hire like myself depend on the industry's propensity to "buy" into
a technology quickly by farming the development out to somebody who
presumably already knows what they're doing.. The trick, I suppose, is to
pick the RIGHT contractor.. ;-) One would think that Puma, with their
near-hegemony over the synch marketplace, would be the company to pick for a
synch solution, and apparently this was correct for NCU/PC. Who knows,
maybe they in turn farmed out the mac stuff...


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