Re: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestions Pls, & Rumor Factoid

From: max search (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 01:15:58 EST

Thank you for the insight, Gary.

> The most interesting part of synchronizing the
Newton with desktop PIMs ia
> that Apple hired Puma to write that part of NCU, who
specialized in PC...

That is something that I'd wondered about every time I
warily fire up
NCU and see the Puma Legal Line flash across the
monitor. Thank you.

> You can export and import tab or comma-delimited
files using X-Port from Dan
> Rowley or Revelar Cennection Utility if Now accepts
or produces these types
> of files.

X-Port from my recent research is one app that I plan
to try.
Wish they offered a demo but I guess given the nature
of that
piece of software, they cannot.

One more question, please though. Is NCU 1.0's
response to
my sync command "this feature is not supported yet",
where they "left off" with this app ?

Is something failing me in my attempt to use the app
my MP 130 w/ 2.0 to my 333mhz iMac via serial to USB
cable ?

Thank you :)

Paul Moshay
mp100, mp130, apple I I GS, iMac 333mhz

P.S. - Rumor Mill Dept ... My "hardcore" Mac
Tech/Developer friend told me
yesterday in hushed tones ("...I signed something...")
that they are working
on some kind of software or OS that runs on non Apple
produced HW. The
eight minutes on the phone with him set me back about
$15, so he's kind up
there by now in the Mac Dev world.


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