Re: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestions Pls, & Rumor Factoid

From: John M. Powell (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 03:44:16 EST

> X-Port from my recent research is one app that I plan
> to try.
> Wish they offered a demo but I guess given the nature
> of that
> piece of software, they cannot.

Paul - there is an XPLite that from my understanding was free use.
It's a limited scaled down version (kind of a demo/promo piece).
I don't think Landware offers it anymore. I could email it to you
when I get back from vacation. X-Port is actually on my soon-
to-purchase list. It seems to be much more stable than NCU
and I'd like the other features as well. Drop me your email address.

While I'm plugging supporting Newton software... I just bought more
StandAlone stuff (usually a safe solid bet)... and for you painters
or gamers, check out HexDump!! HexPaint is cool, and I never
realized how much fun 'breakout' could be on a Newton... Bricks 2.0
rocks! Killer animation and sound.VERY addictive.

Ok. I'm done. For now.


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