NTLK NTLK; Long Live Newton & eMate!

From: Woo Lee (vitcitylb@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 18:11:03 EST

Hello all, here's some answers.

1. eMate problems; use the 'power' key to turn off. For some reason the long bus error(resetting prob.) occurs when you close the eMate to turn it off instead of using the key.

2. Gary's eMate problem; sounds like either the battery is used up and/or RAM upgrade card(if installed) is loose and/or going bad. Take out batt. and see what haps., then take out batt. and RAM card if necessary. Also possible is a pkg. is corrupted.
Good Luck!

3. I've got 800+ pkgs., mp3 would be just a cool little() addition next to the mod stuff. ;-)

4. Interconnect port WOULD have been incorporated into smaller and thinner Newton OS based 'appliances'.

5. Software system upgrades 'did' disappear in OS 1.x 'brain wipes', it was fixed in OS 2.x.

6. Newton OS 1.x have problems with reading memory cards that have the store's name changed. I have a MP100 that had a 10 meg. Pretec 5v/12v card that accidently added a 's' to it's name('10 meg./1.3 card'-->'10 meg./1.3 cards'). Couldn't read the card. Deleted the 's' and all was well. Whew!

7. Sorry to those who are waiting for my replies, my iMac's OE 4.5 has 'the end of file was reached' crappe!(thanx Gary!) :-D
Still trying to 'fix' it.


!tsooJ, iH
!?tey 9 SO teg uoy diD

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