Re: NTLK RE: Deleting large blocks of text

From: arno uhlmelmahei (
Date: Sun Dec 05 1999 - 09:33:02 EST

Marco Mailand wrote:
> dunay schrieb:
> > I had and still have this issue on occasion. You have to go back and forth like /\/\/, the key is the amount of times that
> > you zizzag. I think the newt recognizes a delete when you go back and forth more than 4 times,...
> 4 times, which is the letter W is okay.
> >..- the lines should be straight
> > with a sharp reverse in direction like this /\/\/ (don't lift though).
> If the object(s) which are to be erased are highlighted, e.g. with TWT
> (TheWholeText) from deepfocus, then it is sufficient, fast and secure to
> write the scrub-out gesture over the border of the highlighted
> object(s).
   A much simpler method is to just enter
 the backspace stroke (straight line from
 right to left) *under* the highlighted


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