NTLK Screen Implant Part II

From: Khaled M. Z. Tewfik (khaledt@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Dec 05 1999 - 10:49:04 EST

Hi, to all

I placed a post here couple of weeks ago asking for advise on the practicality of swapping the screens of my current MP2Ku for that of a fresh brand new MP2K that I found a at the Apple dealer here at Jeddah. Saudi Arabia.

I thought I should post here an update to that post:

Thanks to all who took the time and mailed me back with information or advise, on and off the list. The information I gathered helped me a lot to make my decision.

Special thanks to Laurent, Jon Shurtleff, and Abe Lee. I appreciated the personal touch.

As you may recall, what triggered that issue was me finding out about 2 new MP2ks at my local dealer in Saudi Arabia (Yeh, the MPs that time forgot).

I initially haggeled the price for one of them to the equivalent of $500. But before committing the cash I thought I would ask the list about the possibility of swapping the screens between the old and new units.

In light of the good advise and assistance I got from the list members, I described to go ahead with my plans, and I bought the new MP2k

Two weeks after my first visit to the dealer I went back to purchase the unit, one was sold and only one left. I got that last MP, probably the last new MP2k in the world.

My plan now is to swap the mother boards or the old and new units, So I would end up with with my original upgraded mother board in a brand new cassing and a fresh screen, and have the new mother board in my older cassing (which is in a very good shape with all pins and holders intact) and with the old screen (whose back lighting and functionality are excellent but the surface has rough worn out spots)

When all is done I will be putting my old MP2k for sale to offset my costs, I will offer the box, manuals, etc, for $300 (original package as I bought it, quick figure bundle included, no hard ware extras). The buyer will have to pay for shipping from Saudi Arabia, hence the cheap $300 request.

With Wright Writes there is no difference between my old or new screens, but I just like the feeling of owning a perfect MP.

In case any of you fellow Newtonian on the list have images of how dose the Newton guts look like or a step by step description of the process, please e mail them to me, they will be of help as I swap the mother boards.

Mr. Abe Lee gracefully offered to send me a video tape of of the process, but it would be weeks before I could see it and a hassle to compensate him for the the mail charges.

Mr. Jon Shurtleff offered to mail me JPEGSs of the process, but he is not responding to my latest e mails, hope things are OK with him.

Thanks again to all, I am proud to continue being a membre of this wonderful community.

Dr. Khaled M. Tewfik
Saudi Arabia

\\ /,
'( Newton Technology

(Sent from an Apple Newton MP2100)

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