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From: Jared Williams (jwilliam@calpaksystems.com)
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 14:49:17 EST

Hello all...

This is somewhat of a silly question, but here goes:

On the Newton MessagePad 130, the little 6-color Apple logo is on the front.
What does it look like if it gets scratched? Is it plastic or metal? If
it's metal, is it aluminum? I'm thinking that if it is, I want to sand it
down so it's more like Apple's newer logos.


Bondi Blue

PDA: Apple Newton MessagePad 130
OS: 2.0
Memory: 1MB SRAM card added
Communications: Megahertz CC1336 33.6Kbps
NIE: 1.1
NCU: via Keyspan Ser to USB for Mac

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