Re: NTLK Apple Logo

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 16:24:15 EST

>On the Newton MessagePad 130, the little 6-color Apple logo is on the front.
>What does it look like if it gets scratched? Is it plastic or metal? If
>it's metal, is it aluminum? I'm thinking that if it is, I want to sand it
>down so it's more like Apple's newer logos.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that the one on the MP2K was metal, stamped to fit the shape and hollow in the back. When mine was scratched up, it was fairly easy to gently pry it out and pry one out of an old Mac keyboard (they adhesive used to affix them isn't too strong) to use as a replacement. (The "badges" come in a few standardized sizes.) I'd imagine the badge on the MP130 is a similar size.

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