Re: NTLK NCU 1.0 Won't Synchronize to my Mac?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 00:09:30 EST

On 12/6/99 6:31 PM, RMV [] wrote:

>But delimited text is one of the selectable formats, alont with the claris
>organizer formats.

No, it's NOT. It's an option for EXPORT, not for SYNC. I just looked.
Sync only has choices for "All", "Claris Organizer" and "Now Contact" or
"Now Up-To-Date" (depending on what Newton app you're trying to sync".

>Sigh, I guess I just don't understand.

You're trying to use EXPORT, not Sync. They are two different buttons
and two different fuctions in NCU. Export DOES have the option of text
exports as that's the most flexible format for use with other programs
that support import of data. Most programs that import data do so in
text format, usually with comma or tab separated fields,one line per

If you haven't done so, read the NCU manual. If you don't have it, see if
it's on the Manuals section of the Support Area of Apple's web site in
Acrobat (PDF) format. It may also have been provided with NCU (I have it
in my folder as "NCU Manual.pdf" but I could have added or renamed it in
the past....

 - Bill

>Bill Davis wrote:
>> That's because you cannot sync to text files. It has to be one of the
>> formats such as Claris Organizer, etc that Sync supports. Claris
>> Organizer is the same as Palm Desktop for Mac, which is avaialable free
>> on
>> You can EXPORT to text or IMPORT from Text, but not sync.

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