NTLK NCU 1.0 Won't Synchronize to my Mac?

From: RMV (viper@eskimo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 28 1999 - 07:22:17 EST

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Using an upgraded MP2000, NOS 2.1, connected to a PowerMac (OS 8.6) using

NCU seems to work fine to back up the Newton and cards. It allowed me to Export a
NewtWorks paper to MS Word 6.0; however, . . .

I created text (with carriage return) files in MS Word 98 and named them Notes,
ToDo, Names, Dates. When I started the Synchronize process, and I was required to
associate a file to the application, I could not find the file names in the folder
I saved them even though the file type was set to "All Files". (I checked, they
were still there). I also tried saving an empty Notes file in SimpleText, but
again the synchronize feature would not let me see that file to choose it. So,
next I tried to export my various types of data (Notes, ToDo, etc) to text files,
thinking that that would provide me a base file to which I could synchronize. It
started the export, then NCU on the Newton shutdown and I got an "Could not
complete the export because an error has occurred. (type -1)"

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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