Re: NTLK Basilisk II

From: Donald T. Stewart, MD (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 03:06:56 EST

Victor Rehorst wrote:

> >
> > Has anyone been able to get Basilisk to connect to the Newton via Ethernet? I have spent far > more hours than I would like to admit trying to get this to work, but cannot get a working > Ethernet connection on my machine. NCU does, indeed, work via the serial connection, but I > want the speed of Ethernet. I would devote more time to this if I knew it was
> possible.
> Yes, I have gotten this to work... *once*. I did a full backup of my
> Newt, including my 10MB card, over ethernet, to NBU. Unfortunately, then
> I wass messing with either the BasiliskII settings or the MacOS settings
> (don't remember which now) and I can't connect anymore. Grr. I think I
> messed around with Open Transport or something.

I think the key, then, is to make a back-up copy of the entire Mac drive image as soon as something works. I am able to *seem* to get classic mac networking working, but I get a "broken pipe" error when I try to connect to another node on my network with Netscape. I have not been able to get networking working at all when Open Transport is enabled. The system hangs
when I try to turn on networking with the chooser. Please post a report if you get it working again.

Donald T. Stewart, MD

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