NTLK ANN: Xmas Bundle VoiceNotes & MobileBackup: save more than 25%

From: Marcus Schneider (schneidm@uni-duesseldorf.de)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 13:14:13 EST

VoiceNotes & MobileBackup Xmas Bundle
modasys - mobile data systems

Up to the 31. December 1999 we offer a special Xmas Bundle which includes
VoiceNotes and MobileBackup for NewtonOS. The price of the "digital version" is
49,90 US$ instead of 69,80 US$ (sum of the single prices). The
digital version includes
two packages as well as the English manuals as PDF files.
Both products will be updated and supported in the future. It is our
aim to incorporate all new features found in the WindowsCE/PalmOS
version of MobileBackup & VoiceNotes into upcoming Newton versions as

You can purchase this bundle online at http://www.modasys.de/order and
afterwards download it.

MobileBackup NOS
MobileBackup is the only backup solution for NewtonOS, which supports automatic
backups. After you have chosen once WHAT to save, WHERE and WHEN, MobileBackup
will perform this job at predefined times automatically. Furthermore
MobileBackup is the only Newton application which includes a memory
defragmenting functionality. You may gain a performance boost and
memory increase
with this function. Depending on the level of fragmentation you can recover
between 10 - 200 Kbytes of previously lost memory, concluding this
process. Runs
on NOS 2.x .

VoiceNotes NOS
VoiceNotes turns the Newton into a full-featured digital dictating machine with
powerful management capabilities. Whenever you want to capture an idea you just
had, just pop out the Newton pull down the power switch twice and start
recording your idea. No need to power-up the Newton fumbling out the pen and
starting the software. VoiceNotes brings the power of a digital dictating
machine to the Newton. Runs on NOS 2.1.

Further Information
You will find further information about these two products at:

modasys - mobile data systems
Email: mail@modasys.de
WWW: http://www.modasys.de
"Solutions for a mobile world"

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