NTLK moving files...NIE 2.0

From: Steve Vander Ark (vderark@bccs.org)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 13:32:20 EST

Okay, so I don't have a dongle. But I have enough Newtons around and I'm a
fairly clever person, so I've been busy NBU-ing files onto a 4 meg card in
my 120 and then putting the card into my new 2100. I've been able to copy
just about everything I need over by this method...except NIE 2.0. The
system won't even let me copy it onto a card because the OS on my 120 isn't
compatable. Hey, I KNOW it's not, I just want to move the silly thing. But
it won't let me.

So. Anyone cleverer than me out there who can think of a way to move the
package? Until I get NIE 2.0 on my 2100, I can't use the modem so I can't
download it directly. (or can I? does NIE 1.1 work on a 2100?).

I was getting pretty geeked about the idea of using an Ethernet card this
baby. *sigh*

Steve Vander Ark
Library Media Specialist
Byron Center Christian School
Byron Center, Michigan

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