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From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 06:19:51 EST

>Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 13:32:20 -0500
>From: "Steve Vander Ark" <>
>Okay, so I don't have a dongle. But I have enough Newtons around and I'm a
>fairly clever person, so I've been busy NBU-ing files onto a 4 meg card in
>my 120 and then putting the card into my new 2100. I've been able to copy
>just about everything I need over by this method...except NIE 2.0. The
>system won't even let me copy it onto a card because the OS on my 120 isn't
>compatable. Hey, I KNOW it's not, I just want to move the silly thing. But
>it won't let me.
>So. Anyone cleverer than me out there who can think of a way to move the
>package? Until I get NIE 2.0 on my 2100, I can't use the modem so I can't
>download it directly. (or can I? does NIE 1.1 work on a 2100?).

unless you could somehow transfer it as "frozen" I don't think NBU to 120
would work for NOS 2.1 specific packages.

what you could do is move NIE 1.1, which does work on MP2100, but doesn't
support ethernet cards, etc. since you have a modem, you could then use
NIE 1.1 to download a newer version of NIE 2.0 packages.


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