RE: NTLK moving files...NIE 2.0

From: Steve Vander Ark (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 08:26:18 EST

I didn't try to move it frozen. I'll try that today. Just for the record,
the fellow I bought the 2100 from responded to my email to him and is
shipping the missing dongle to me, so this is a short lived problem. Of
course, I'm so excited about this new Newton, I can't wait :)

I did get NIE 1.1 running and I'm running SimpleMail and NewtsCape just
fine. Being kind of excited to get this up and running (my ethernet card),
and not being able to wait for a few days for my dongle, I think I'll try to
download the 2.0 file I need today using the modem. But now another
question...the Enabler part isn't available as a package on the net, only as
part of the archive that you download. If I put just the package that I need
on my website and make a link to it (eg., will
the Newton just go ahead and download it if I click on that link?

Steve Vander Ark
Proud 2100 user
"So much Newton, so little time..."

> >So. Anyone cleverer than me out there who can think of a way to move the
> >package? Until I get NIE 2.0 on my 2100, I can't use the modem so I can't
> >download it directly. (or can I? does NIE 1.1 work on a 2100?).
> unless you could somehow transfer it as "frozen" I don't think NBU to 120
> would work for NOS 2.1 specific packages.
> what you could do is move NIE 1.1, which does work on MP2100, but doesn't
> support ethernet cards, etc. since you have a modem, you could then use
> NIE 1.1 to download a newer version of NIE 2.0 packages.
> Steve

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